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What is in the LifeOne?

LifeOne is comprised of herbal extracts encapsulated in a liposomal matrix. The active ingredients are part of a patented proprietary formulation which means, as the supplement panel (make link to supplement panel) states, there are 3.55 total grams of the ingredients per serving. While the ingredients are listed in order of concentration, we are not given the exact amount of each one, it is a trade secret.

What is a “liposomal matrix”?

“Liposomal Matrix” refers to the delivery system used by LifeOne to ensure the formula reaches the small intestine ready for absorption without being compromised by the harsh environment of the stomach. It is like an envelope of fat that coats and protects the formula until it can be utilized by the body.

How does it function / what makes it effective?

First and foremost, LifeOne was formulated to strengthen the immune system. What makes LifeOne so effective is that the ingredients work synergistically with each other, meaning that in their patented ratios, each ingredient's effect is multiplied by the presence of every other ingredient. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How is LifeOne different from other herbal remedies? 

In a marketplace full of confusion and multiple supplement regimens, LifeOne simplifies the process by being highly effective when used alone. This is not to say, you cannot use other products while using LifeOne, only that you do not have to. LifeOne was formulated to be effective as a “stand- alone” product.
One small caveat, it is still recommended to make sure you eat a healthy diet and take a good multi-mineral / multi-vitamin.

What is the recommended daily use of LifeOne? 

You should always defer to what your doctor recommends for dosage since they have the most insight into your symptoms. Beyond that there are mainly two phases of use. Phase one: Loading / Active – When you begin using LifeOne, it’s working to strengthen the immune system – Take 1 oz. (30mL) three times daily
Phase two: Maintenance – When you are feeling better, your immune system is recharged and you are locking in the effects – Take ½ oz. (15mL) three times daily (this is the dosage on the bottle)

How do I take LifeOne?

LifeOne is a liquid herbal supplement; as such you can measure the amount to be imbibed using ounces, mL’s (milliliters), or cc’s (cubic centimeters). 

How does it taste/will I like or dislike the taste? 

LifeOne has a taste similar to sweetened earth (dirt). There will always be slight variations in taste (and consistency) because the ingredients were once living plants and organisms which took up nutrients from their surrounding environment. The unique assortment of nutrients affects the taste of each organism. If you do not like the flavor, it can be mixed with a small amount of another liquid with a more agreeable taste; just limit the sugar content as much as possible.

How long do I have to take LifeOne formula?

LifeOne is normally taken for about a year. 

What other medications may LifeOne interfere with?

We are unaware of any specific medications LifeOne may interfere with; however if you begin experiencing negative affects after you begin using LifeOne stop immediately and see your physician.

What if I have allergies? 

If you begin experiencing negative affects after you begin using LifeOne stop immediately and see your physician.

What changes should I expect to see from LifeOne? Immediate /long-term?

Many clients report increased energy and improved mood after beginning a LifeOne regimen. Another interesting immediate effect is urine becoming dark amber in color and maybe a little frothy. Long term, LifeOne aids the immune system in restoring the body back to a more healthy condition. 

Is LifeOne approved by the FDA?

DSHEA1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 requires that supplements do not make claims as to healing and so forth (those claims would make it classified as a drug). The FDA ensures good manufacturing processes and will remove a supplement if deemed unsafe. The phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine both claim to come from soy and soy is a phytoestrogen which could be bad for the immune system. Why are you using soy? We are and are not using soy… this is because we are using extractions of soy. In other words, we are able to pull off the phyto-chemical that we need for the liposomal matrix without keeping any of the estrogen-like substances that can impair the immune system.

Do you need to be under doctor supervision when taking LifeOne?

No, although it is advised. A doctor can order tests and help to keep track of how you are doing on your journey back to health. We are currently working on increasing the number of physicians openly working with LifeOne so that you, our client, have a greater number of doctors who can assist you in your healthcare